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Model MSL-52 Magnification 40x-1600x Eyepiece wide-angle eyepiece WF10X(Φ18mm) wide-angle eyepiece WF16X(Φ10mm) Objective Plan achromatic objective 10X Plan achromatic objective 40X/(spring) Plan achromatic objective 100X/(spring, oil) Eyepiece Len hinge type binocular,30°incline,360°rotate, inter pupillary distance range 55-75mm Focus arm coarse and fine adjustment, coarse adjust 22mm, fine adjust 0.002mm Nosepiece Quadripuntal (Introverted type ball location) Working stage […]


Blood analyzers and hematology analyzers for sale we supply are best saler in our company. New medical equipment such as Blood Culture Analyzers, Bone Densitometers, Pulse Oximeters, Ultrasound Probes and Hospital Beds and Stretchers are sold by Absolute Medical Equipment at cheap and discounted prices. The blood analyzers we supply including portable blood analyzer, blood […]

MSLBA06 Plus

Test mode:Kinetic,End point,Two point,Absorbance Wavelength Quick Details 7 inch Color LCD , Touch screen Flow cell and Cuvette test mode compatible Real time curve showing 7 wavelength , 90 test item pre-programmed Memory for 10,000 sample results :7 standard filters,340,405,492,510,546,578,630 nm,1 free position Wavelength precision:±2 nm,width ≤ 10nm Absorbance range:0~4.500 Abs Absorbance precision:outside 0.0001 Abs […]


Main specification Probe element: 80 elements Scanning mode: convex, linear 6.4’ high resolution TFT LCD Standard probe: 6.5MHz multi-frequency linear rectal probe (frequency conversion scope:4.0 / 5.0 / 6.5 / 7.5 MHz) Optional Probe: 4.0MHz rectal linear probe (frequency conversion scope:2.0 / 2.5 / 3.5 / 5.0 MHz) Optional probe: 3.5MHz convex multi-frequency probe (Frequency […]


Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner MSLVU18 Two probe sockets,auto-identify different optional probe; *Body marks:1.General 2. Bovine 3.Canine 4.Equine 5.Feline 6.Cardio 7. Swine,total 27 kinds body marks indicating probe position; *Display mode:B.2B.4B.B/M.M; *Adjustable depth:10 grades,max depth to 236mm; *Gain:0~127dB;   Contrast:27~90dB;                                       Cena  na aparatot so edna sonda  3.100 evr. + DDV *Gray scale:256;                                                                          so mikro konveksna sondata ili po […]

MSLAB07 Plus

Automated blood analyzer for veterinary use with a software which provides 22 parameters for 12 different animal species. In just several minutes, the whole procedure ends with a printed list of the wanted parameters. For any additional questions or informations about the analyzer, please contact us.