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Sanal is the brand name of Nederma. Sanal stands for Santé Animal, which means healthy animal.
 Our product assortment carries a range for cats, dogs and small animals (hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs) which support their health and fitness.
The company started in 1979 and today has its headquarters in San Francisko in California.  Today, Blossom is a global leading supplier of medical gloves and they employ more than 250 people on a global scale.
The company Brit was founded in late 1994. Brit focuses on developing and manufacturing various kinds of vitamins and mineral premixes according to the latest technological advances in the field of animal nutrition.
Diagon – established in 1989 – is a leading company for clinical diagnostic products. They develop and manufacture hematology and coagulation reagents for a broad range of analyzers and coagulometers.